Advanced Track&Trace for Pharmaceuticals

Labeling according to Russian legislation keeping your current processes

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Compliance with legal requirements using SAP solution

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  • Fast implementation based on pre-configured solution

  • Provides high productivity of warehouse operations with online validation

  • Scalability of the solution for different product categories and legal entities

  • Full Item identifier lifecycle automation: from code request to end-customer sales

  • Preventing Identifiers status issues with automated checks

Learn more about the SAP solution

Watch a short video about SAP ATTP solution and its main features.

  • Simplified integration of ERP master data

    • Integration of Material master;
    • Integration of Locations;
    • Integration of Business Partners and logistics operations.
  • Effective integration of business processes

    • Integration with transactions in ERP, WMS and packing lines;;
    • Warehouse toolbox for ERP WM functions integration;
    • Warehouse toolbox for SAP EWM integration.
  • Global Serial Number Repository

    • Event processing in EPCIS or PML format;
    • View event reports by Serial number;
    • GS1 EPCIS 1.2 support, Core Business Vocabulary, Tag Data Standard 1.9.
  • Managing global number ranges

    • Complete solution for serial number management;
    • Management of both ranges and individual numbers;
    • Built-in generator of random serial numbers.
  • Traceability along the supply chain

    • Serialized goods, batches, events and transaction documents;
    • Managing Objects hierarchy (aggregations);
    • Regulatory reporting and supply chain reporting;
    • Autorization concept for objects.
  • Complient reporting

    • Interfaces and pre-configured local reporting packages for Russia;
    • Computerized systems Validation complience based on requirements of Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Our Clients

Global Serialization solution for allows to quickly enter new markets. BIOCAD can use the Solution both for Russia and new countries as well as extention its interaction with local supply chain partners, like contract manufactures, or global Companies looking for local contractor.

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Legislation deadlines for product categories

Legislation deadline
1 november ‘20
Legislation deadline
1 january ‘21
Legislation deadline
1 june ‘21
Legislation deadline
1 september ‘21
Experiment til:
1 june ‘21
Experiment til:
1 june ‘21

Our partners offers

Product labeling management by TLS

Labeling in accordance with legislation without complicating business processes

Duration: from 6 months

Cost: from 10 million rubles for implementation

Business benefits from implementation:

  • Full implementation of legal requirements
  • High performance
  • Maximum automation of operations
Product labeling management by 3Keys

Implementation of a labeling and product tracking system based on SAP ATTP for small and medium businesses

Duration: from 4 months

Cost: from 10 million rubles for implementation

Business benefits from implementation:

  • Effectively embed labeling into current business processes
  • Flexible management of the dramatically increased number of serial numbers
  • High performance regardless of volume
Product labeling management by msg Plaut

Serial number repository, serialization control and regulatory reporting

Duration: from 4 to 12 months

Cost: from 5 million rubles to 7.5 million rubles for implementation

Business benefits from implementation:

  • Ensuring the transparency of the distribution chain
  • Providing regulatory reporting
  • Globally standardized functionality
Product labeling management by SAP Consulting

Implementation of legal requirements for mandatory product labeling

Duration: from 3.5 months

Cost: from 8.5 million rubles for implementation

Business benefits from implementation:

  • Automation of work with Center for the Development of Advanced Technologies
  • Reflection in the state labeling system
  • Tracking and tracing of labeled products
Product labeling management by SAPRUN

Serialized items management in SAP ATTP

Duration: from 8 months

Cost: from 10 million rubles for implementation

Business benefits from implementation:

  • Ensuring high performance of event handling with identifiers
  • Informing GIS MT (Center for the Development of Advanced Technologies-Chestniy Znak) labeled goods movements
  • Ordering indetifiers codes and checking their legitimacy
Product labeling management from NOVARDIS

Optimization of business processes with the integration of legal requirements for goods controlled by GIS (Marking, EGAIS, Mercury)

Term: from 6 to 12 months

Cost: from 11 million rubles for implementation

Business benefit from implementation:

  • Minimizing the risks of fines and other sanctions from the regulatory authorities
  • Elimination of counterfeit products from suppliers
  • Minimizing costs for changes in legislative requirements